Fort Worth Premises Liability

Fort Worth Premises Liability Attorney

What exactly is premises liability, you may ask? Business owners and property owners alike are responsible for the safety and well-being of people on their property. If someone is injured on business property, the landowner or business owner may be held legally responsible for you injuries. Premises liability, simply put, is the property owners obligations to maintain a safe environment for visitors. A lot of the times, cases can get so complex that it’s hard to say who is responsible. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you need to contact your local injury lawyer immediately!

Under Texas common law, residential and commercial property owners have local, state and federal obligations to maintain a safe environment, or at least warn known visitors about the possible harm. Let’s define what a visitor is. There are three types of visitors that may have the right to sue for compensation.

  • Invitee – You are an invitee if you are an individual that enters a property with an invitation or implied invitation of the owner. While both parties are mutually benefiting off this relationship, it put’s a lot of responsibilities by law on the property owner to maintain a safe environment on a regular basis.
  • Licensee – a licensee is an individual that enter’s a property with the express permission of the land owner, but hold no business purpose. A friend coming over for the game, for example. There is generally no obligation to fix known dangers, but is obligated to warn the guest.
  • Trespasser – Generally, you hold no obligations for a trespasser on your property, except in extreme cases.

Here are a few examples of common premises liability cases where people got injured on business property:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Electrocution, or electric shock injury
  • Construction site accidents
  • Dog bite injury
  • Workplace injuries

premises liability law can get really tricky when it comes to proving fault. There are a number of items you need to prove in order to have a successful case and determine who is responsible. First, you must prove the properties condition posed some sort of danger to invitee’s. Then you have to prove the property owner was aware of the situation. Now that seems like the tricky part, how would you do that. The trick is to prove the owner should have at least been aware of the situation at the time. Then finally, to get the compensation you deserve, you must prove the owner’s negligence directly caused your injury.

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