Tarrant County Bail Bonds

Tarrant County Bail Bonds Service

It can be a terrifying experience going through the jail system. Many situations permit someone from being released while you fight your charges and its nearly impossible to do so while you’re behind bars. Depending on your situation, the judgewill set a bond, a lump sum of money that allows you to walk the streets while your case is being resolved. The bond is set by a judge based upon many factors, including your criminal history and the perceived flight risk.

Sometimes the process can get delayed, whether on purpose or not, we have rights. If your Tarrant County bond has been delayed, you’re going to need to contact the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover immediately to get a writ of habeas corpus. This is the process of getting the assistance of a judge to help expedite the bond in order to get you released.

You have options when it comes to freeing yourself or a loved one from jail. It’s tough fighting a charge while locked up. Let’s talk about how we can get you out.

Cash bond is always an option, once the bond has been set of course. Cash bond means you pay the entire bond upfront. However, most people can’t afford this because bonds are typically quite pricey. The benefit of posting a cash bond, is the entire bond amount is refunded to the person who posted the bond once the case has been resolved successfully.

It’s not over if you don’t have the entire bond amount, though that would be the ideal situation. The surety bond is an arrangement provided by a Tarrant County Bail Bondsman. The bondsman or attorney offering bail bonds services will charge a percentage of the bail bond amount, in order to secure release from jail. The bondsman is agreeing to pay your entire bond amount if you fail to appear in court. This service is what the Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover provides for you, our client.

It’s been known from time to time that a bond be set to an outrageous amount. Judges set the bond based on criteria of the charge or criminal records and sometimes can get out of hand. Reach out to us immediately, we can request a bond reduction hearing and seek to have your bond reduced to an amount that fits the crime.

You will get the individualized attention your specific case needs when you contact The Law Office of Jeff S. Hoover today @ 817-335-9500. We are here for you to walk you through these challenging times and keep your record clean.